Native Youth Vote Poll

Sometimes seeing something in black and white brings it into clearer focus. The Native youth vote can make a difference in your community and future ifyou choose to exercise your voting privilege. Whether you are old enough to vote, or just thinking you might in the future, take a minute to answer thequestions listed below:

  1. Before reaching voting age, were you taught about the tribal election process for your tribe? Have you ever participated in a campaign?
  2. Do you feel you are more likely to follow your family’s voting preferences or find your own?
  3. Do you see yourself running for a political office in the future?
  4. If over age 18, did you vote when you were first eligible to do so?
  5. Did your parents share their voting experiences with you as a child?
  6. Do you feel your vote can make a difference?
  7. Would you vote only if an issue was important to you personally?
  8. Do you take the time to learn about issues or candidate platforms before a vote is presented?
  9. Are you more likely to vote in tribal elections instead of national/state elections?
  10. Are you more likely to vote in national/state elections instead of tribal elections?
  11. Do you personally know the elected officials in your community?
  12. What is the single most important issue (in your opinion) facing your tribe or community?
  13. Do you feel this issue could effectively be changed by a tribal vote in policy or law?
  14. Do you understand tribal sovereignty and the right it gives tribes to self-govern?

Thank you for considering the impact you could have!


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