I don’t feel very feminine these days and so I am wondering if it would be disrespectful for a woman to wear a ribbon shirt as opposed to a ribbon skirt? I’m sure other folks might also wonder about the reverse. Would you have to identify as Two-spirit?

Hi there, Thanks for writing in! For these types of questions, I want to be transparent in that I may not provide a traditional, straightforward answer, but instead be here as support and validation in you coming to that answer yourself. 🙂 When it comes to these types of things,…
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Dear Relatives, I have recently started to seriously try to reconnect with my Choctaw culture. Something complicates my existence is the fact that I’m transgender. Perhaps, this is another reason why I feel lost. Not only do I want to feel like a whole woman, I want to feel like a whole person. Anyway, do you have any advice?

Hi there, Halito relative! Yakoke for writing in – I always get a lil extra excited when I see other Choctaws reach out 🙂 Let’s see where I can support you! I definitely want to acknowledge what youv’e written, because there’s so much there – goodness. I want to give…
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I’m a 19 year old Two-Spirit who identifies as male. For me to feel comfortable I cut my hair because growing up even on my Rez girls had long hair and unless you have “Native hair” boys have short hair. I want to grow my hair but I don’t want my tribes people to start calling me female names/pronouns. Any tips?

Greetings! First off, congratulations on reaching such clarity in your gender identity. It can take people years, well into adulthood, to understand our genders given how little gender diversity we tend to be taught about at a young age. For me, I have found that the way people perceive my…
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