What is 988?

Hey there! It’s Auntie Manda! I wanted to let you know about a new resource that you can put into your mental health toolbox. It is called 988, which is the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline (used to be called the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline). You can call or text…
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I’m a native American from Nevada. Is it possible to go to rehabs outside my state? How do I reach out for funding? I’m already known as a drug addict but I really need treatment I’m scared.

Thank you so much for writing in. Reaching out for help is something that takes strength and bravery; I’m proud of you for doing that. You are not the only one in this situation. Struggling with addiction is scary, and it’s made even scarier when the people around you don’t…
Answered by Uncle Paige
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I am a tribal member of the Cherokee nation. I work for the federal government. I do not want to get the Covid Vaccine because I believe it the dividing the of the two trails in the Hopi Prophecy. I want to get a religious exemption but where would I get that since my religion is traditional first nation?

Hi there! Thanks for writing in. This pandemic and the responses to it have certainly brought a lot of complexity into the mix, especially now that some organizations are requiring their employees to get vaccinated. Here’s what I could find on religious exemptions: The right to request a religious exemption…
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I just found my friend cuts herself and I also have struggled with self harm for a long time. I know how much it sucks when people point it out do i just wait until she’s ready to tell me herself? How do i talk to her about it?

You’re such a good friend for writing in and for reaching out for help for the both of you! Finding out that someone you care about has been cutting can be upsetting, especially since you have had similar struggles. It’s normal to feel confused, helpless, sad, worried, or mad, especially…
Answered by Auntie Manda
Topics: Life Tips, Mental Health, Physical Health, Relationships