NIDA Contest Entry

Rogers County Juvenile Drug Court Participants

R&R for Life: Building A Rehab/Recovery Program

Roslyn-18, Charli-17, Ashley-14

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Research states there are certain risk factors that contribute to the onset of substance abuse among adolescents. The most significant risk factors are familial, social and individual.

Research also suggests that strong communities are a fundamental part of a child’s mental health and well-being. In order to foster healthier families and more supportive environments, the community must widen and strengthen their substance abuse resources. The notion that addiction is a disease highly suggests that there needs to be a collaboration of community resources to provide treatment for those struggling with the disease of addiction.

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties. Resilient communities understand the importance of making in-patent and out-patient treatment accessible. The community resources should also include aftercare services to help struggling individuals with jobs, housing, financial responsibilities, healthcare and education. According to research, resilient communities will offer the following:

  1. provide physical and emotional environments that area
  2. provide basic needs including food, housing, healthcare and
  3. help family units become strong and feel supported
  4. provide social networks that provide support and assistance as needed,
  5. provide children with education on social and emotional skills, and
  6. provide opportunities to learn, grow and heal.

R&R for Life is a concept that provides each of these components.


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