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The first thing you can do is research and educate yourself about Black leaders, authors, artists and activists, and really learn about their work and what they have to say. I encourage you to share what you learn with your friends! You can also show your support by supporting Black…
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Dear Auntie, I’m still a virgin but my boyfriend isn’t. We’ve been together for a long time and I think I’m ready, but I’m scared. What do I do? Will it hurt? How do I prepare myself?

Hey there, I’m so glad you wrote in. It’s normal to feel excited or anxious when thinking about having sex for the first time. Just remember that there’s no right or wrong time to start having sex – it varies for each person. A good first step is to talk…
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Dear Cousin Lael, my family is really opposed to getting the flu shot because they think they’ll get sick and that the government is trying to dope them. What do I say to them?

Well, I totally get where your family is coming from. The US government has a history of being very violent towards tribes and Native communities, including when it comes to medicine and health care. What you can say to your family to explain the flu shot is that this year…
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Your male friend tells you that he had an unwanted sexual experience when he was younger with someone he looked up to. He questions if it was sexual assault because he was sexually aroused during the interaction. what do you do?

Some possible options (depending on your comfort and his openness to further discussion) include: Offer encouragement for his willingness to consider a challenging question. Listen neutrally. Avoid defining what happened for him. Explore whether he feels there was a power imbalance in the relationship. Who has the power? Offer to…
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