Hello, my name is Kambria Siyuja. I am of the Havasu Baaja, people of the blue-green waters, also known as Havasupai. I live in Supai, Arizona, which is in the bottom of the Grand Canyon, but right now I live in Holbrook, Arizona. What I do to help from stressing out is I treat myself, I use a Saturday or Sunday to maybe drink some tea and take deep breathes or I will put a facial mask on and listen to positive music. I would go home to attend social gatherings but I cannot because I stay at a boarding school, but it also has a few culture days where I can preform traditional dances for everyone and I can feel uplifted by the dance. When we don’t have those days and I am really stressing out I will pray, my roommate is knowledgeable about this so when I am stressed she will ask if I need to talk or need some time alone. I also read, clean, write five encouraging verses from the bible, stretch, brush my hair, make a recovery playlist (positive music), talk a little walk, take a nap, wash my face, draw, sit in silence or play a game. Although I am only 15 I stress a lot from school but I stay calm by these things on top or I talk to the staff here, they help me in a lot of ways. Thanks for reading.


Hi auntie, My great great grandma was indigenous and my grandpa never found out much. I’ve felt “called” to know more. Am I allowed to follow the path? Or because she was my great great is that too far back to try and reconnect with heritage now?

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