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Care Kits with the Siletz Tribal Youth Council

Jeidah DeZurney (Confederated Tribes of Siletz Indians), age 20, is making a positive impact in Salem, Oregon. In February, Jeidah created care kits and collected winter clothing, then handed them out in downtown Portland. Jeidah originally planned on 30-40 kits, but was so blessed to receive grants to help over 100 houseless individuals in Portland. The youth had such a great time making these and providing warm words to the houseless when passing the kits out. It was eye opening for everyone, and everyone benefited. The Siletz youth council has had this idea for a couple month now, and putting in the hard work so it could happen has only made Jeidah more motivated for future service projects. “I am so grateful for all the help I received to make this project come to life. Everyone involved had nothing but smiles and love in their hearts. The youth stuck through the rain and handed out every single kit! Our hard work paid off, and the smiles and grateful comments made every second worth it. “If you are interested in carrying out a similar project, Jeidah suggests contacting your local thrift stores for donations! “We had so many clothes donated from thrift stores and got to hand out every single item. Also asking tribal clinics for donations, we had 90 dental kits donated by our dental clinic.” For more ideas and to apply for up to $475 today, visit

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