Building Mental Resilience

Feeling Good

While you might think that there are certain things that make you feel good (or could make you feel good if you had them), there are certain common traits among people who feel good mentally, physically, spiritually and emotionally. Here are a few different ways of thinking about things and doing things.

Self-Love Made Me Do It

When a candle is lit, the fire comes from another source- whether...

How to Boost Your Self-Esteem

Your self-esteem is the way you look at, or perceive, yourself. If...

Sunhawk / Managing Stress

Indigenizing Your Self-Care

Self-care means taking care of the whole self – physically, emotionally, mentally,...

Tips for Getting Enough Sleep

Sleep might seem like a waste of time. You could be doing...

Olivia / Keeping It All Inside

Mountain Meditation

Sit tall with a long spine and your head erect to allow...

Sleep Week

I love sharing good health and wellness material on our We R...

Nadira / Reaching Out for Help at College

Gratitude And Their Influence On Your Happiness

Being grateful—or having gratitude—for the past can positively affect your future. You...

How Does a Person Become Resilient?

A number of factors contribute to a person’s ability to be resilient...

Maiya / Dealing with Anxiety Attacks


Your self-esteem is the way you look at or perceive yourself. If...

Spiritual Well-being

Whether you turn to traditional culture, an organized religion, or to a...

Kennedy / Seeing Kindness

Kaytlynn / Combatting Stressors

Jowun / Self-Care For Me

Isis / School Stressors

Ashley / Self-Care Looks Different For Everyone


Non-verbal communication can be more than important than verbal.

Gratitude And Their Influence On Your Happiness

Jeri talks about the importance of forgiving and how it can help...

HEY Mural

This is the final video from the Healthy and Empowered Youth Project...

A Survivor’s Words Of Wisdom

WE ARE NOT ALONE A survivors words of wisdom: Jamie talks about...


Rob wants to talk about one important word….HOPE…and what you can do...

Around Here

Could spirits be trying to tell me something? I’m not Native American as far as I know, but things keep happening so often that I can’t ignore it anymore!

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Feeling Good

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