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The saying goes that you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Sometimes a family member can be your immediate family, or an uncle, auntie, cousin or grandparent. Everyone has a different definition of who their family is, but all families have their ups and downs.


PSA This Relationship Advice is Actually Genius

Relationships – whether they are with our family members, friends, or significant...

Supporting A Loved One

It can be painful watching those we love struggle. We may feel...

Culture is Prevention – Sarah

Arguing With Your Parents

Don’t get along with your parents or guardians? Often arguing and feel...

Fighting With Your Sibling

Sometimes, the hardest people to get along with can be the people...

BRAVE: Episode 5

Getting Along With Your Sibling

Although it might feel impossible sometimes, many siblings grow up to be...

Holidays With Your Family

The holidays are a busy time for many families. There are many...

BRAVE: Episode 2


You might face a range of issues when you become part of...

When You Need Help: Your Family Can be There for You

Sometimes when you go through a tough time, you may need someone...

Sunhawk / Managing Stress

When Your Parents Break-Up

As family relationships change, there may be a lot of adjusting to...

Worried About Someone Feeling Depressed

When a friend or family member is feeling down for a long...


Shante’s grandma has been there for her through thick and thin. She...

Indigenous Story Studio

Indigenous Story Studio creates illustrations, posters, video and comic books on health...


Cierra, Yankton Sioux, shares her struggles with friendships in school. She shares...

Getting Help For Drug Use

I CONTROL MY BODY Haida warrior: Anthony discusses his experience living in...

Hi Auntie, I’ve had sex with a guy and oral sex with another. I am 21 but still under my mother’s insurance. Is my info confidential?

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