NIDA Contest Entry

Bluebird Youth

Revitalizing Connections

Jazlyn Gil-19, Israel Tamayo-19, Carlos Sandoval-18, Diego Gil-18, Elliana Sitting Eagle-16, Freda Moore-Sosa-15, Olivia Esau-14, Kylesse Walker-15, Andrea White Dress-Aguirre-15, Leeland Montgomery-15, Sydney Wakefield-16, Sierra Buffalohead-16, Isabella White Dress-Aguirre-14

As group members of Bluebird Cultural Initiative’s Youth and Young Adult Program, Bluebird Youth are requesting financial support to provide a community youth retreat, Revitalizing Connections. Our submitting group is made up of group members ranging from middle school to second year college students. The Revitalizing Connections Retreat would allow us the opportunity to not only reconnect with our community peers that we were not able to see since covid started, but to also connect with new community young people ages 14-24 years who identify as Native/Indigenous. We hope to increase the number of community young people who are interested in building a stronger and healthier community with an inclusive support system for each other.


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