Jazmyn Espinoza


Jazmyn Espinoza

Jazmyn, Stockbridge Munsee Band of Mohicans, wants to be a We R Native Ambassador because her ideals and missions line up with the organization.

I admire their commitment to Indigenous youth and helping them be the best they can be while overcoming the obstacles they face in life. As a 12 time suicide attempt survivor as well as a survivor of sexual assault those are two things that I am exceptionally open and passionate about. I share my story of resilience in hopes that it’ll help others who have dealt with mental illness or domestic violence learn to heal and cope. I’m very open and honest about my battles with mental health and other experiences in life. In 2015 I was selected as a Champion for Change by the Center for Native American Youth which has given me not only exceptional experience with public speaking, but a deeper understanding on how to connect with Native Youth from across the country. I am also a published Author, with a talent and passion for writing, blogging, and sharing stories. I use that whenever I can to help empower others.

How do I fully embrace my native identity without any of the essentials?

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