Will my dad disown me if he finds out I’m bi?

Will my dad disown me if he finds out I’m bi? He’s very homophobic and I’ve heard him say that being queer is a sickness. I know he loves me a lot even though I’m the problem child. Will I lose him if/when I come out?

Thank you for writing in, and I’m sorry you feel like you can’t be open about who you are to your dad. What I think is that a lot of people have different beliefs, and most of them can change their mind. You said your dad loves you a lot, and sometimes that is all it takes. Go in with the knowledge that just because something doesn’t go how you want doesn’t mean it never will. When it comes to family, usually we all want the best for each other. If you do decide to come out, tell him that. You just want the best for yourself and yalls relationship. It may be helpful to have a plan in place.

Talk about this with a trusted friend, or trusted adult so you don’t have to carry this alone.

Is there a relative of yours you can turn to if you need a safe and loving place to stay if your dad doesn’t react the way you want?

Are you able to find healthy ways to vent frustration like music, writing, dancing?

For resources, If you’re a youth in Alaska and don’t have access to a safe home, reach out to Choosing our roots.

and make sure to reach out to your friends to know you’re still loved and you matter.

Hope this helps,


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