How do I get past this feeling of not belonging anywhere?

Hey there, Auntie Sutton here. Thanks for submitting your question “How do I get past this feeling of not belonging anywhere?”- I hear you. Feeling like you don’t quite fit in can be tough. But let me share something with you – in our communities, we’ve all been there. But I’m here to tell you it’s okay and you belong.

Here’s some advice, connect with your roots. Pick up the phone and call your tribe, or local Indigenous led org and ask them how you can get involved. This is a great way to build community.

Ask an elder or someone you admire to be a mentor. The Urban Indigenous Collective (UIC) hosts the Indigenous Scholars Mentorship Program, which matches Indigenous peoples affected by misogyny with mentors to support connection and development.

Find your circle. What are you passionate about? Google organizations or groups that share your passion and show up to the next event. Community is waiting for you; you have to just take the first step. If you’re ever in Lenapehoking (so called NYC) you’re welcome to come hang out with UIC at our community center that just opened located in midtown Manhattan.

Take care,

Auntie Sutton

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