What are some hygienic practices for genitalia, especially for those that live in rural areas with no running water?

Dear Tojan/Toska (Tow-Jhawn/Tow-Skah), This is a great question, and I applaud you for asking! If we are living in an area with little to no water access it’s important to understand how to take care of our bodies. I’ve reached out to my community of women to see if we could come up with some ideas together, here are some helpful tips that you can share.

  • Cleaning our body tips:
    • Use unscented baby wipes (any brand)
    • Simple water bottles that squirt to rinse off the area. These can be purchased in the travel section or dollar section of the store. Just remember to keep the water on the outside (vulva only) and not on the inside (vagina)! 😊 You can use a washcloth too or your hands…just remember to wash your hands with soap and water when done.

When cleaning our body/ genitalia it’s important to use things that are natural to the body and most of all gentle. And when available a shower is always best.

I hope these tips were helpful to you and your community.

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