I finally have the courage to become a powwow dancer. What do I do to get in shape?

Hey Auntie, I’m 20 and I finally have the courage to become a powwow dancer & I’m super excited! But I’m so nervous at the same time! What do I do to get in shape? –Anonymous

Wohoo! So stoked for you!

So there are actually some really cool videos that the Coeur D’Alene tribe from Idaho did that you should check out. They call them Powwow Sweat and they break down the:

The best advice I could give you, would be to practice, practice, and practice. Practice whenever you get the chance. You can practice your style of dance in your living room, while waiting in lines (though you might get some sideways looks…but who cares? Represent!) , or when you’re at the office. Get creative!

Some things to keep in mind:

Powwow songs usually last for about 3 minutes and 30 seconds, which will feel like an eternity when you first start out. You can start out by trying to dance a full minute, and then build up from there, to eventually dancing to a full song. Depending on your dance category, practicing your footwork and speed will help a lot. If you can incorporate any type of speed and agility training like sprints, burpees, or squats….that will only help you to become a stronger dancer.

If you’re feeling uncomfortable and nervous your first time out, you can start easing your way into it by dancing the intertribals until you feel comfortable enough to move to your specific category.

Hope this helps, best of luck, and have a good time!


Aunty Manda

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