My friends talk about me behind my back. Really?!

My friends talk about me behind my back. I’ve brought it up with them before. I know my family is kind of f-ed up, but really?! Help please.

I know this is going to sound harsh girl, but Lisa maybe those people aren’t really your friends. Friends are people who support you – even if your familyis f-ed up. Plus who doesn’t have some crazy little leaves on their family tree?!

Lisa, friends are people who make you feel good about yourself and who stick by your side when you’re going through hard stuff. Not talk trash about youbehind your back. If your friends don’t treat you with respect, you might want to reconsider their friendship.

Everybody’s got something good to offer this world Lisa, and you’ll find people who you can connect with who will treat you well.

Hugs from Auntie

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