I’m use to playing sports all year long…it is summer I’ve got nothing to do…Any tips for staying in shape?

I’m use to playing sports all year long, but now that it is summer I’ve got nothing to do. And I want to stay looking good. Any tips for staying in shape?

Hey Tdog! I like where your heads at…gotta keep it tight for the ladies 🙂

So, lots of school athletes go through the ‘summer lull’…sitting on the couch, lounging by the pool, eating from roadside frybread stands and thesnow cones. And, I’m sure your coaches will be giving you the lecture on staying active this summer too…so how are you gonna do that?

In a couple words, ‘make it fun’. By doing things you like, you’re more likely to keep doing it. If you’re not a morning person or a gym person and youtry going to the gym at 5:30 in the morning for triple-x double intensity boot camp, you’ll probably get burnt out pretty quickly and stop going.

Find activities you like. To get some ideas check out:

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•Choosing the Right Sport for you
•Ways to get active


Lots of people your age forget about nutrition. As a teenager, you can probably eat whatever you want and may not notice it. But trust me as you get olderand you become less active those lbs. can start adding up. So best to get in some good habits now…

Here are some tips for eating well:

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Tdog, I hope this helps keeping you looking fly this summer. And share some tips for staying active while keeping it fun in the comments section

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