Auntie Nikki, what is safe sex?

Quyana (Thank you in Yup’ik) for this question,

I am sure it took alot for you to ask. Safe sex is going to be different for everybody. You will establish consent with your partner but you will also establish guidelines for what you feel is safe and what you feel is not safe. And it’s important to know that you can say no whenever you want to. Do not ever feel pressure that you need to do anything that you don’t want to do. Some resources where you can find information you can find some on Projects For Teens or Planned Parenthood they have a lot of good resources. But know that your body it’s always my body, my choice. And you can always say no if it feels very uncomfortable. But you establish those guidelines with your partner. It’s very important and always make sure that the consent is for both sides.

I hope this information was helpful.

Quyana (Thank you in Yup’ik) I hope this video finds you well.

Auntie Nikki

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