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Auntie Nikki, what is safe sex?

Quyana (Thank you in Yup’ik) for this question, I am sure it took alot for you to ask. Safe sex is going to be different for everybody. You will establish consent with your partner but you will also establish guidelines for what you feel is safe and what you feel…

Auntie Nikki, how did your program get made?

First of all I want to say quyana for this question. Quyana in Yup’ik means thank you. I started Sew Yup’ik in the summer of 2015 just by sewing qaspeqs and it has really taken off since then. And I have been able to travel around the state and teach…

Auntie Nikki, I’m 22 years old about to turn another page

Waqaa (Hello in Yup’ik) it’s your favorite Auntie Nikki with Sew Yup’ik. Today’s question is Hello Relatives, I’m 22 years old about to turn another page. Lately I’ve been feeling depressed and anxious about everything. I’m struggling to find my purpose or what I want to do. I think work…