Flunking at School or College

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Flunking out at school or college, or not getting the grades you expected can be stressful, especially if you’ve previously averaged higher grades, or not reaching your expectations. It might feel like everyone except you to do well in school everybody’s learning and working style is different and we all work through things at our own pace. So don’t compare yourself to everyone else.

There are lots of other situations that could be the cause of failing grades. Step back and look at what’s going on in your life to fully see the picture or problem. Failing school can be stress full but always remember there is someone to help you through this tough time.

If you are failing or not performing as well as expected at school or college, there are a range of things you can do:

Teachers/professors are willing to help handle your situation.

Find a tutor. If you are finding the course tough, you may be able to get a tutor to help you understand the subject content.

Being organized and prepared will help you in class and with your grade.

Be flexible. When setting your goals make sure you have multiple options and can have various out comes.

Learning style. Knowing your learning style is a great way to help you know the best way for you to learn.

Get some head space/chill out. Sometimes getting some head space and a change of scenery can be helpful - it’s important to give yourself permission to do this regularly.

Don’t give up and keep it in perspective. Getting lower grades than you hoped for does not mean you are a failure or a bad person, but rather that you might benefit from improved study habits or reassessing your choices.

Eating right and exercising can make a huge difference in your attitude and energy.

Repeating or taking a year off. You might find it helpful to talk it through the pros and cons with family, friends and teachers.

Acknowledgement: This fact sheet was originally developed by youth and staff at ReachOut.com, a website that helps teens get through tough times. 

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