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Perhaps they feel this way because folks are using it more often…which is great! However, it is nothing new, nor will it go away. In fact the Oxford Dictionary traces singular “they” back to 1375.   And we know very clearly that Two-Spi...Read More

You’re right in saying there are lots of varied opinions on the topic of wearing feathers, especially because feathers like eagle feathers are considered sacred because of the relationship and proximity that eagles have with the heavens and the Creator....Read More

You’re right in seeking guidance on using this taboo term. I appreciate you approaching this with caution.   Being Zuni and living near Navajo people, we were taught to be weary of animals, especially near sunrise or sunset when witches we...Read More

Absolutely….. Not!   What I mean by this is – yes, you can – I have seen Natives keep 2 different worlds their entire lives thinking it will be easy. But, it can be confusing too!   Where I see the struggles in this dual approach, is t...Read More

Hi there and thanks for the question!   This particular description came from a high school sexual health curriculum called Native STAND. Within this curriculum there is an activity that was built around this description to foster t...Read More

Thank you for your question. Would you like me to send you a link to the answer once it’s posted online?