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I've heard a lot about plastics accumulating in the ocean. It seems too daunting to do anything about. I'm from a place where there's no recycling and you can't drink from the tap. Some things that have made me feel better: Is bringing my own ba...Read More

As far as I know for sure, I’m a typical white american, but I want to be respectful of Native American traditions while still appreciating native art. What kinds of things is it acceptable for white people to wear or own that aren’t appropriation? ...Read More

Hi, I'm not sure how to do this but I need help looking for mental guidance. I have trouble keeping up with everything and I have a huge disconnect with everyone since recently. I want to get help but without my parents knowing please, thank you. Huge k...Read More

Is it ok to cuddle with my aunt in bed?  No. Certainly not in the way that you are implying. You’ll find that many tribes have warnings against this. Like the Zuni Koyemshi, or mud head dancers. Their facial figures are distorted and over exaggerated, ...Read More

I want to have sex with my aunt but the problem is she dont she my dad half sister same dad but different moms in she really hasn't been there for me all my childhood years No. Certainly not in the way that you are implying. You’ll find that many tribes...Read More

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