Maria Martinez

Yah’teeh shi eya Maria Mary Martinez ye’she Ashihii nishlii haclishnee ba’sh’chiin, tlogi ei da shi’ma’naa’ni doo da shi chei.

I am a full-blooded Indian, Navajo to be exact and I’m very proud of it. As a child I attended school at Thoreau Elementary. I then attended Taft Middle school then Thoreau High School. I graduated from there in May.

My mother’s name is Dorothy Martinez and my father’s name is Gilbert Johnson. They are both Navajo. I am an only child and I love it. Throughout my life its always just been my mother and I. My father has never been there for me.

As for the community… its okay. The people are friendly, the schools are good, but there isn’t much to do here. I often get bored living here and its an irritation that I have to go to the next town just to watch a movie. There is a skate park in Thoreau, but there’s one problem, I don’t know how to skate. I do enjoy going to BJ’s. it’s the busiest store of the town and it’s the one place I can go to get a tall can of Arizona raspberry tea and a bag of hot fries for just two dollars and the best place to buy a pickle is at Gabe’s Movie Time. That movie store sells nice, juicy, crunchy pickles for only seventy-five cents. Oh My Gosh! And the popcorn is so delicious. Even though Thoreau is a small town it has a community but it shouldn’t be recommended to be a place to live. Due to the lack of entertainment for outgoing people like me.

My interest and hobbies would be baking and cooking, playing volleyball, reading, going to the movies, hanging out with friends when I get the chance, shopping, listening to music, dancing and meeting new people.

I have quite a few values which would include my family, especially my mother, success. Determination, freedom, friendship and honesty. Other things that would define who I am would my personality, sense of humor and that I don’t quit until I get what needs to be done.

Being an outspoken blonde–headed Navajo, who doesn’t like being compared to anyone else makes me quite an individual, very unique. I like to stand out and be different from everyone else because I like attention. Knowing that I’m willing to take on a challenge, being a bit competitive and having the ability to be a strong writer will help me succeed in many things.

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