The Science Behind Drug Misuse

Get the real story behind drug abuse. Check out and get the facts for yourself. Just a few things you can do on this site:

For Teens. Drug Facts, Drugs & Health Blog, Interactives & Videos, PEERx, Have a drug problem-need help – include many highly engaging multimedia activities that cover the basics of drug use and go into the details about how they affect your brain. Get the facts and go drop some knowledge!

For Educators. The Educators pages provide teaching guides on how to facilitate students’ use of our interactive tools and other online materials, while also providing additional in-classroom activities, such as the Mind Over Matter and Heads Up Real News About Drugs & Your Body series.

For Parents. Parents pages provide links to resources for caregivers of teens. We also encourage parents to visit the Educator’s pages for information and activities that can be used at home in addition to in the classroom.

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